Snow plow crews ask drivers to be patient

Snow plow crews ask drivers to be...

MADSION, Wis. - As of this afternoon, Madison Streets Department crews have all Madison roads clear. A crew will be working until midnight to take care of any icy patches. 

Both the city and county have had their entire crews out on the road. That's 32 trucks for Madison and 59 for Dane County. City and county crews are asking drivers to keep at least four cars length between trucks and to not pass trucks in the city or on two-lane highways. 

“If they get stuck behind us, make a turn, or wait a minute and we'll be turning,” John Grieshammer, a plow driver for the city, said. 

If you can, try to avoid the roads altogether during snow falls. 

“The city gives us a certain amount of time to clear the streets and when we have to deal with traffic, it takes us that much longer to clear the streets,” Grieshammer said. 

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