Sinkhole forms on Olin Terrace walkway leading to Monona Terrace

Sinkhole forms on Olin Terrace...

MADISON, Wis. - A brick storm sewer collapsed Monday, causing a large sinkhole in Olin Terrace, the walkway leading up to Monona Terrace from Wilson Street.

The sinkhole developed over the weekend, officials said.

Engineering crews are working with a contractor to fix the brick storm sewer pipe, which is part of a system that is likely over 100 years old.

“A very, very likely over-100-year-old brick storm sewer collapsed. As the water went down, it carried the dirt. It created the sinkhole,” said Katie Crawley, spokesperson for Madison Mayor Paul Soglin.

Crawley said crews are rerouting the sewer drainage, and then they’ll replace the pipe and the top.

Officials said there will be a five-foot pathway around the sinkhole to get into the building and onto the terrace rooftop.

Engineering crews said this weekend's Shake the Lake activities and next month's Art Fair on the Square will not be affected by the sinkhole.

"I don't think we are going to be able to get this looking brand news for those events, but it will be functional for those events," Greg Fries, a city engineer said.

The sponsored tiles in that area will be put in the same place.

"There's a few that we are going to lose with the actual name engraving on them and those will have to be replaced," Fries said.

Crawley said no one was injured.

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