Public Market Committee making decisions about project in 2018

Madison's Public Market Development Committee said that 2018 will be a critical year for the long-promised public market. 

The committee said in a meeting tonight that it is looking to move on major parts of the project this year. It is trying to decide who will operate the market after it is created.

It is also looking to get tax credits to fund the project. Members of the committee said that 2018 will be the prime time for that process. 

The chair of the Public Market Development Committee, Anne Reynolds, said that the committee is in conversation with the developer of the project, trying to draw up plans for the intended building. The committee is also working with the owner of the property on which it hopes to build, which is reportedly located near East Washington Avenue and First Sttreet in Madison. 

The Public Market has been long in the works. The committee is hoping the market will promote economic growth and entrepreneurship, create a community space and stimulate the food system in Madison. 

The Public Market Development Committee will meet again in February.  

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