Jakubowski sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for gun crimes

MADISON , Wis. - The man at the center of a 10-day manhunt who later admitted to stealing 20 weapons was sentenced to serve 14 years in federal prison for gun crimes along with mental health and anger management Wednesday. 

Joseph Jakubowski was convicted in September of two charges stemming from the April 4 theft. 

The ordered restitution is $16,941 for stolen weapons and ammunition along with damage to the Janesville gun store. 


The thefts of guns, magazines and bullets from Armageddon Supplies set off a 10-day manhunt in April. Jakubowski confessed during his trial before being found guilty by a jury.

United States attorney Scott Blader, in a sentencing memorandum, explained a significant sentence is necessary because Jakubowski presents a risk to the public.

"Jakubowski’s history and characteristics reveal that he is a danger to the community and he needs to be incarcerated for a significant period of time to protect the public," Blader wrote.

Blader highlighted Jakubowski's criminal past, which includes battery, resisting an officer, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and repeat domestic abuse convictions. 

Blader said that Jakubowski met with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and tried to tell them where the remaining firearms could be found. But he said that does not make him any less dangerous.

"On April 4, 2017, Jakubowski reinforced that he is violent by nature, by stealing 20 firearms from a federal firearms licensee," Blader wrote."The burglary was committed in a violent manner, and defendant’s theft of 20 firearms was far in excess of what he needed to accomplish his goal to live in the woods. His actions resulted in local communities being frightened for 10 days, and some schools were placed in lock down. Jakubowski may argue that he did not intend to create fear in Rock County, but it should have been reasonably foreseeable given the number and nature of firearms he stole."

Jakubowski told News 3 as part of an hourlong interview last week that he would not tell law enforcement where the firearms are located. 

"No I'm not giving them up, no, "Jakubowski told News 3's Velena Jones. "I had to go through all this hassle to prove a point."  

New court documents reveal photos of items found when Jakubowski was arrested that include a tactical facemask with the word "freedom" inscribed on it.  Blader said the 15 unrecovered weapons and Jakubowski's unwillingness to tell authorities where they are located contribute to an ongoing danger to the community.

"Jakubowski’s own statement tells the Court that he will continue to present a risk to the community when he is released," Blader said. "Jakubowski calls himself the 'Ghost of Freedom' and confirms his violent nature in his letter. Jakubowski will continue to act on his contempt for our society and the public deserves protection."

Jakubowski left school in the ninth grade, according to Blader.  He says a significant sentence will also provide Jakubowski with educational or vocational training.

Joseph Bugni, Jakubowski's public defender, told the judge in an 11-page letter Tuesday that Jakubowski plans to ask either that he be sentenced to death or be set free. Bugni said he didn't agree.

"I do not join him in this request, and will stay silent on specific terms of years in order to protect Jakubowski's right to advocate for the sentence he wants," Bugni wrote.

Bugni claims violence was not a part of Jakubowski's plan, saying the manifesto never targeted schools and churches. Instead he claims that idea came from a "drugged ex-con" who knew Jakubowski and gave an initial report to police officers. Bugni said despite Jakubowski's crimes, he shows "the capacity for good" by his willingness to help law enforcement find the weapons. 

"He didn’t want some kid to get hurt," Bugni said. "So despite them being buried in a deep pit, far in the woods, he met twice with law enforcement to help them recover the firearms. So Jakubowski's very flawed nature is not irredeemable or without merit."

A psychiatric evaluation was ordered earlier this month, but has been filed with the court under seal. 

Jakubowski was in court Wednesday at 1 p.m. 









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