Where they stand: Key issues and coverage in the primaries for Governor, US Senate

MADISON, Wis. - News 3 has been asking questions about where the candidates in the races for governor and U.S. Senate stand on issues that are relevant and important to voters in Wisconsin.

Voters will head to the polls Tuesday to elect nominees for the major parties in those races.  

Here are some of our stories that cover issues in the Democratic race for governor and Republican race for U.S. Senate. 


Primary Primer: What you need to know before election day in Wisconsin


Democratic candidates for governor gather days before vote

Should Act 10 be repealed? Democratic candidates for governor weigh in

Gov. Walker called Democratic prison plans 'dangerously liberal.' Here's how they responded.

Should marijuana be legalized in Wisconsin? Democratic candidates for governor tell us where they stand

Democratic candidates for governor explain what measures they'd take to address gun violence and school safety

Undecided? Learn about the Democratic candidates for governor in virtual chat

Should Foxconn be stopped, renegotiated or left alone? Democrats running for governor weigh in

Here's where the Democratic candidates for governor stand on education 

Democratic candidates for governor differ on priorities

Reality Check: Is Flynn the only candidate who would stop Foxconn?

Reality Check: Roys claims abortion is a crime in Wisconsin


Meet the candidates in the Republican US Senate primary

Republican US Senate candidates differ on marijuana legalization, criminal justice issues

Republican US Senate candidates back President Trump on tariffs, immigration

Nicholson, Vukmir embrace Trump, won't criticize

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