Other fire departments temporarily take over duties for Sun Prairie

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. - For even the most seasoned firefighters, the scene in Sun Prairie is difficult to comprehend.

"As a responder in this line of work, I have not seen something like this in 20 years," said Lt. Alex Miller of the Verona Fire Department. 

Miller and his team are now stepping in and assuming the duties of the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department, giving its members time to grieve the loss of Capt. Cory Barr.


"They took care of their people. They did what they needed to do," said Miller. "Now they're taking care of themselves. That's why we're here."

For Miller, it goes beyond the badge.

"People talk about the fire service being a brotherhood. This is exactly what that means. We're here. We're helping. You grieve. We grieve. It goes hand in hand," he said. 

Miller said that across Wisconsin, the fire community is standing in support of Sun Prairie.

"When one thing happens to one department, it can very easily be to other departments," he said. "To be here, to do this, to be able to put their mind at ease for them to go deal with what they need to deal with, that's huge."

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