Work of citizens is harder when public servants won't work with us

Work of citizens is harder when...

Sen. Ron Johnson’s office was not pleased with our recent editorial pointing out the senator was the only member of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation who had refused to meet with a group of advocates for people with disabilities to talk about health care reform legislation.

His office said the senator was very busy, but was not refusing to meet with any groups regarding health care reform.

And indeed, last week the senator was good to his word and met with the group on the impact of repeal of the Affordable Care Act on people with disabilities. Thank you senator.

But then we got an email and a video from Jeff Burkhart, executive director of the Literacy Network here in Madison, who was treated pretty rudely by staffers when he stopped by Johnson’s Oshkosh office to talk about health care reform.

The work of citizens is certainly more difficult when our public servants won’t work with us.

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