Event educates public about Madison Muslim Community

Event educates public about Madison...

There is probably no more fundamental work for citizens to engage in together than protecting the rights of all citizens, as diverse as those citizens might be.

It’s discouraging to see the limited knowledge, understanding and compassion of so many of our elected officials regarding certain groups of people. But that only increases the importance of citizens working together for inclusion, shared health and safety, and Democratic principles and practices.

Madison is blessed with an abundance of efforts to bring citizens together including an especially successful Muslim outreach and advocacy group.

Members have had a number of well-organized and well-attend events to educate the public about the Madison Muslim Community. The next such event is this Sunday afternoon.

Clearing Misconceptions about Islam will be held at the Madison Marriott West from 2-5 p.m. The agenda includes speakers, short videos and a question and answer session.

We’re proud of our Muslim fellow citizens and Madison’s embrace of the rights of all.

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