Editorial: The Jimmy Anderson decision was the right thing, but it came with a catch

MADISON, Wis. - It sure seems like our elected officials have become absolutely incapable of doing their jobs without at least a little something being in it for them. Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature have apparently realized there is actually a law and a public will to accommodate people with disabilities in every aspect of life and will now allow State Representative Jimmy Anderson to call into committee meetings when his disability requires it. But in yet another sign of callous indifference to dignity and ethical behavior the lawmakers refused to consult Rep. Anderson on the changes and worse yet snuck into the same bill changes to strengthen Republican power in the Assembly. 

Speaker Robin Vos embarrassed himself, his party and this state with his petty and mean-spirited refusal to accommodate a fellow public servant with a disability in the first place. And now we're expected to give him and his fellow Republicans credit for this? Can't you do the right thing right just once?

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