Editorial: Successful landing

MADISON, Wis. - So, that’s what collaboration, cooperation and hard work look like.

Publically, but even more importantly, privately, interested parties, including the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, the city of Madison, the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau, local and federal elected officials from Madison and Wisconsin and other members of the Badger Air Community Council worked tirelessly, strategically and smartly, building the case for why the U.S. Air Force should select Truax Field, home of the 115th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard as the site of the state-of-the-art, next generation, F-35A aircraft.

On Thursday, that work paid off. Pending an environmental impact study that is not expected to be a problem, Truax will be the home of the F-35A. It’s a big deal for Madison and the region. Losing the aircraft would have taken a huge bite out of the local economy. Keeping it here will keep a lot of people working.

Nice job, everybody. It was an impressive example of leadership and collaboration.

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