Editorial: Ohio embarrasses Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - Ohio has schooled Wisconsin before, but it has usually been on the athletic field. Last week Ohio became the latest state to expose Wisconsin’s unethical and undemocratic redistricting process and Wisconsin’s elected officials willingness to do anything to retain money and power.

Last week the Ohio state Senate voted unanimously to put a redistricting reform bill on the May Ohio primary ballot. Rather than show similar political responsibility and wisdom Wisconsin Republicans have poured money into legal efforts to preserve their self-serving gerrymandering. 

Now, the Ohio bill is the result of Ohio lawmakers feeling intense pressure from citizens who were preparing an even better reform proposal for the November ballot. But we’ll take a unanimous bipartisan reform measure as a start to true reform any day. 

Embarrassing as it is, don’t expect to see any change from the majority party in Wisconsin. Lawmakers here have made it perfectly clear they just don’t care.

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