Editorial: Ending gerrymandered, rigged elections

MADISON, Wis. - There is no element more important to returning government to the people than ending gerrymandered, rigged elections. Without it democracy does not exist. For decades politicians have refined ways to draw political district boundaries every ten years that guarantee their re-election by allowing those politicians to pick their voters rather than voters picking their elected servants. 

While the U.S. Supreme Court had abdicated its responsibility on the issue state courts and bi-partisan good government groups have made progress on redistricting reform and Wisconsin's grassroots effort is gaining momentum on an issue most citizens clearly support. This Sunday a coalition of groups is holding a Fair Maps Wisconsin event at the Common Ground restaurant in Middleton. It's part of the lead up to a statewide summit later this year you'll be hearing more about later. But ending gerrymandering requires a comprehensive collection of local actions that together create sufficient pressure to return our government back to us.



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