Editorial: A 'Wexford Kid' gives back to her neighborhood

MADISON, Wis. - Sometimes the most direct link between a neighborhood and a supportive business community is one person, in this case one kid. 

Last week the CUNA Mutual Foundation announced a gift of $300,000 to the Lussier Community Education Center to support the many terrific programs for young people offered at the center.

Among those making the gift presentation was CUNA Mutual Multicultural Business Strategy manager Opal Tomashevska who describes herself as a “Wexford kid” who attributes her success in life to her experiences at the Wexford Neighborhood Center, the predecessor to LCEC. 

CUNA Mutual’s gift is generous and smart. LCEC under the leadership of Paul Terranova is an extraordinary community center with a proven track record of supporting neighborhood residents, families and kids. But it’s especially wonderful to see this connection in the context of one person who exemplifies what’s possible when a community has the resources it needs.


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