Editorial: A sensible response to gun violence

Editorial: A sensible response to gun violence
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Editorial: A sensible response to gun violence

MADISON, Wis. - We’ll believe it when we see it, but just maybe we’ve reached the breaking point in how much gun violence we can tolerate before we take steps to stop it. Momentum is certainly growing and it is growing increasingly bipartisan.

The common ground is being developed around three sensible steps to reduce the near-daily American carnage: universal background checks on gun sales, so-called red-flag laws to keep guns out of the hands of people who display warning signs of violent use, and prohibiting the sale of military-style weapons made to kill a lot of people quickly. That’s it.

Republican leaders on the state level are probably a lost cause, but conservative lawmakers elsewhere are finding the wisdom and integrity to put protecting innocent lives ahead of NRA money. Again, we’re not holding our breath…who knows what the magic number of lives lost is for some of these folks. But it feels like we’re getting closer.

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