Editorial: Positive impact of the sun

As we continue a series of editorials about the good stuff to end this year we draw your attention to the impact of the sun – not just on our very lives, but on a unique program that extends the benefits of solar energy to non-profit organizations.

RENEW Wisconsin’s Solar for Good program, which is funded by Deerfield-based philanthropists Cal and Laurie Couillard, last week announced grants to sixteen Wisconsin nonprofits, including Badger Prairie Needs Network food pantry in Verona, and Beth Israel Center in Madison, to support their fundraising efforts to install solar panels on their buildings.

The program acknowledges that by investing in efficient solar energy generation organizations can “lower their operating costs, save money to reinvest in their missions, and align their energy dollars with their values.”

This program is innovative and smart and we applaud RENEW Wisconsin and Solar for Good for making it happen.

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