Editorial: Happy New Year

Editorial: Happy New Year

This has been one for the books, a year of change, of “firsts,” of great challenges and new opportunities, and of heartbreak if not without some joy as well.

For those of us in the media it’s been a year of reckoning and introspection in an unprecedented atmosphere of criticism. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or not. But we here at family-owned WISC-TV, our entire team of reporters and editors and managers, and especially the members of the WISC Editorial Board, have always felt a deep connection to you, our viewers, and the communities we serve. And we are very appreciative for that connection.

We take your trust very seriously, a trust that shows in each email you send us, each comment you offer when we run into you on the street, each story idea you share, each advertiser you support because yes, that’s important too. So we end this year saying thank you.

Thank you for watching. And thank you for caring.

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