Editorial: Big jump for Madison schools

Progress toward closing the achievement gap in Madison's schools has been inching forward for the last five years; frustratingly slow for some, reassuringly steady for others. But no one has been satisfied. And we're still not.

But last week's news that the percentage of black students graduating from Madison high schools in four years has increased by a whopping 9 percentage points is nothing short of astonishing. 

There are a lot of measure of academic success, but few as important as graduation. In fact benchmarks like third-grade reading and eighth-grade algebra need graduation as the ultimate payoff. As of this week, 68 percent of black high school students are graduating in four years.

That's not enough. We can and will do better. We need to double down in a lot of areas once we better understand what's working. But it looks like something is indeed working. We need to celebrate that. It's a big deal.

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