Domestic violence is community issue, not just woman's issue

Domestic violence is community issue,...

The terrific folks at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services sent us a note recently that we think is worth sharing and the message was this: domestic violence is not just a private issue that occurs in the home, it is also a threat to the public.

Parts of what prompted the message were a couple of high profile domestic violence related tragedies in the workplace, one in Rothschild, Wisconsin, and one in San Bernadino, California. The men targeted their partners and, in both cases, others at their places of work. Six people were killed not including the shooters.

DAIS has been striving to shift the conversation away from domestic violence as a woman’s issue to needed and more accurate understanding that it is actually a community issue.

The causes of domestic violence ripple into and through a community, heightening the urgency of addressing and preventing domestic violence wherever we find it.

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