Crisis of VA funding has been averted, at least temporarily

Crisis of VA funding has been...

MADISON, Wis. - In the category of giving credit where credit is due, the Trump administration has extended funding for housing homeless veterans at two VA facilities in Wisconsin for a year.

The credit is likely more appropriately placed with the 81 state Representatives and Senators from both parties who demanded the funding be restored. And credit too to the veterans organizations, especially the Wisconsin American Legion and the State Department of Veterans Affairs who pointed out the extreme difficulty the homeless vets would have finding housing in Madison and elsewhere.

Now, what happens when the year-long funding runs out has yet to be determined.

And there is a bigger debate over efforts to privatize the federal VA that must be resolved before veterans can truly trust their needs are being taken seriously and responsibly.

But a crisis has been averted, at least temporarily. That it got even this far is very disconcerting.

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