Bill Wineke

Wineke: Paul Ryan should defend FBI

MADISON, Wis - Is it really too much to expect the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives to defend the integrity of the leaders of the FBI?
Apparently, it is.  At least I have seen no evidence that Speaker Paul Ryan, Janesville’s gift to the American legislative system, has seen fit to do so.
The FBI has been under continued and escalating vilification from President Trump and the farthest-out nut jobs in Ryan’s Republican Party.  Its deputy director, Andrew McCabe, has been personally slandered by the president.  FOX News contributors are calling for top FBI officers to be led out of their offices “in handcuffs.”
Given the fact that none of these leaders has been accused of any wrongdoing, this kind of thing is pretty disgusting.
And, no, Dr. Jill McCabe did not receive $750,000 from a Hillary Clinton “puppet.”  She ran for state office in Virginia before McCabe was named deputy director and she received campaign contributions from the Democratic governor of Virginia.
McCabe is a guy who had dedicated his professional life to the protection of this country.  He is a civil servant, not a political appointee.
I no longer expect any decency from President Trump.  I no longer expect any decency from the yahoos in  Congress.  Well, I guess I never did expect decency from these people, but you know what I mean.
But I do expect a smidgeon of decency from Ryan.
He’s from Wisconsin.  He’s from Janesville.  He has a nice family.  He has always seemed to be a nice guy.
More than that, he is speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and a former Republican candidate for vice president of the United States.  I don’t think it is too much to want him to stand for something beyond  tax cuts for billionaires and benefit cuts for the poor.
I don’t even expect Ryan to denounce President Trump. It wouldn’t do the FBI any good and Ryan would make it an insipid denouncement anyway.
All I want him to do is to stand up in public and issue a simple declaration that he supports the integrity of the career civil servants of the FBI and doesn’t want to see them badgered by obscure congressmen who wouldn’t understand integrity if it took dog form and bit them.
I really don’t see why that is too much to ask.

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