'There's water everywhere': Belleville dam overflows, evacuations underway

'There's water everywhere': Belleville dam breaches, evacuations underway

BELLEVILLE, Wis. - The dam in the village of Belleville is overflowing with water, according to officials with the Belleville Fire Department. 

Volunteer firefighter Jeff Kankel said the whole community is involved in sandbagging and trying to save anything that is salvageable after the dam was breached. He also confirmed that people on the southeast side of town are being evacuated. 

"There is water everywhere," Kankel said. 

Roads that lead to the Belleville park are broken, and the area surrounding the park is flooded with water, officials said. 

Dane County officials confirm they are monitoring a developing flood situation in Belleville.

Initial concern is about levels of the Sugar River and Lake Belleville, according to Dane County Emergency Management spokesman Josh Wescott. 

Wescott said water levels are rising and crews are sandbagging in the area. 

No water rescues have yet been made, but officials said they are monitoring the situation. 


Fire officials say they do not have resources to pump water from basements or structures and are telling residents to contact contractors if there is no immediate electrical hazard. 

Highway 69 toward Belleville is currently closed south of Verona.

The National Weather Service says more than 11 inches of rain fell Monday night through Tuesday in the area.

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