New catalog system gives Rock County bookworms access to more materials

New system includes roughly 2.1 million materials

JANESVILLE, Wis. - The Arrowhead Library System in Rock County is teaming up with libraries across southern Wisconsin to give readers access to more materials.

On Jan. 11, the libraries in Beloit, Clinton, Edgerton, Evansville, Janesville, Milton and Orfordville will join 21 other libraries in Walworth, Racine and Kenosha counties as part of the SHARE Consortium

“We have been looking at 450,000 items, and now we’re going to look at 2 million,” said Michelle Dennis, the head of access and security services at Hedberg Public Library in Janesville.

The library staff has been training on the new system and said it is more user-friendly than the current RockCat system, which has become outdated.

“It’s easier to tell it to sort in a way that the customer wishes, and the app for smartphones and cell phones called BookMyne is so much easier,” Dennis said. “It’s really built to use on a portable device where our current database just isn’t.”

Dennis said the app also lets people scan barcodes in stores to see if the book is available at the library.

She said another benefit of the new system is it lets families make group accounts and lets people pay fines online.

Hedberg Public Library Assistant Director Charles Teval said the SHARE catalog will save money for all the libraries in the system because they will share catalog costs.

“It will save what we put into it, which then allows us to move those resources into perhaps more electronic resources, more specialized databases that our patrons can use to gather information,” he said.

The libraries encourage people to double check the information they have on file by the end of the year to make sure it’s entered into the new system correctly.

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