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7 Ways To Get Free Checked Luggage When You Fly


Airline fees are pervasive these days. Baggage fees are particularly obnoxious, because passengers are increasingly forced to check in bags thanks to the shrinking amount of carry-on space. We do not know where the space is going, but we are pretty sure it is not for extra legroom. Some airlines even charge for carry-on bags!

Even with the pressure on airlines to raise fees, there are still ways to check in bags for free within the airlines' rules – as well as a few ways that could work if you are willing to ask and negotiate.

  1. Fly Specific Carriers – Among larger domestic airlines, Southwest still allows passengers to check in two bags for free. The smaller Cape Air still allows free carry-on and gate-checked bags on its Cessna 402C, Tecnam Traveller, and Britten-Norman 2 airplanes, plus your first checked bag on its Cessna 208A airplanes for domestic flights. Southwest in particular has made complimentary checked bags an effective market...

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