Sheriff: Man involved in car crash Sunday dies from injuries

BRODHEAD, Wis. - A Beloit man who was involved in a car crash Sunday died from injuries related to the collision, according to a release from the Green County Sheriff's Office. 

Colton P. Van Marter didn't stop at a stop sign in the town of Spring Grove, and collided with another car, rolling in the ditch and taking out multiple signs, police said. Van Marter was pronounced dead Wednesday. 

The Brodhead Police Department said in a statement Monday that it has learned of two altercations Van Marter had before the crash, and are continuing to investigate. Police said Van Marter had a confrontation in a McDonald's drive-thru, and an argument with his girlfriend before the crash. 

According to police, details of the confrontations come from witness interviews. Witnesses report that Van Marter was in the drive-through of McDonald's before the crash. People in the car behind Van Marter honked at Van Marter, telling police he wasn't pulled up to the drive-through order speaker. The witnesses say Van Marter displayed a knife to them. 

When Van Marter paid at the drive-through window, a cashier told police Van Marter's hand was bloody. 

After the drive-through, Van Marter had an argument with his girlfriend, possibly over whether Van Marter would be taking his child with him. His girlfriend reported to police that Van Marter told her that he was stabbed in the McDonald's drive-through by an unknown man. 

The Brodhead Police Department and the Green County Sheriff's Office are investigating. 

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