Man found guilty of animal mistreatment after shooting two domesticated dogs

MADISON, Wis. - An Evansville man accused of shooting two domesticated dogs while coyote hunting was found guilty Wednesday. 

The jury determined that Kurt Rausch was guilty of one count of intentional animal mistreatment. 

Rausch was hunting in January of 2016 at Badfish Creek, which is public DNR land. 

Rausch was facing two counts of mistreatment to animals and one count of endangering safety. He was only found guilty of one of the animal mistreatment counts. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7. 

Rausch told deputies he saw the eyes of what he believed to be a coyote and pulled the trigger. Within several seconds, a second animal, which he also believed to be a coyote, came running toward him and he shot a second time. 

Shortly after, he realized the two animals he had shot were both domesticated dogs wearing reflective vests. 

He said he shot at a distance of about 10 yards. The dog owner said she was about 100 yards away from her dog when the shots were fired. 

The dog owner told deputies she was walking her four dogs off leash when the dogs were shot. One dog was dead at the scene, and the other was taken to a veterinary clinic where it was pronounced dead.

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