Man bashes head, spits on guard after submitting to officers at Trader Joe's, police say

MADISON, Wis. - A 42-year-old man turned himself over to officers Friday evening at Trader Joe’s after attempting to give someone in the store marijuana, according to a new release. 

“You are probably here for me. Here is my marijuana,” the suspect allegedly said when he approached the first officer on the scene. 

The release said the suspect had caused disturbances at the store in the past, causing managers to want the suspect banned from the premises. 

Officials said they later learned that the suspect was on probation and had an open felony case. 

The suspect was then arrested for bail jumping and a probation hold, the release said.

According to officials, the suspect intentionally smashed his head on the squad car’s protective shield during transport, causing him to bleed.

Officers brought the suspect to a local hospital for medical clearance. There he spit blood onto a security guard, causing significant exposure, officials said. 

The suspect received medical treatment and was transported to the Dane County jail with additional charges, according to officials. 

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