Madison suspends mandatory 24/7 cab service following multiple taxi robberies over the weekend

Madison suspends mandatory 24/7 cab service following multiple taxi robberies over the weekend

MADISON, Wis. - The city of Madison suspended an ordinance requiring taxi cab companies to operate 24/7 Monday following multiple armed robberies of cab drivers over the weekend.

Police are working to apprehend the people responsible, and Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said until police can make arrests, the ordinance will not be enforced.

“None of our local cab companies will be required to provide service if they are concerned for the safety of their drivers,” Soglin wrote in a release Monday.

Green Cab made that decision already over the weekend.

Owners said four of its drivers were robbed, some at gunpoint, during a 36-hour span over the weekend. The company suspended service late Saturday night into Sunday. Owners also announced limited hours this week for “the safety of their drivers.”

Green Cab owners told News 3 they knew they were violating the city ordinance that required them to run 24 hours a day.

“In order to not put our drivers at risk, this was a decision that had to be made,” said Jodie Schmidt, one of the owners.

Soglin supported the decision in his release.

“The safety of drivers is of utmost importance,” Soglin wrote.

As of Monday evening, no other cab companies said they would be changing their hours.

Jason Glomp, the president of Union Cab, said his cooperative won't force drivers to be on the road if they don't feel safe, but they will maintain normal hours. One of Union Cabs' drivers was robbed on Friday morning.

"We feel that we have a responsibility to both the members of our cooperative and to the community at large to provide service at hours at which there are no other forms of public transportation," Glomp wrote in an email Monday.

The city did not announce concrete plans for reinstating the ordinance, only referencing the arrest of the individuals responsible for the armed robberies.

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