Madison area hospitals release 2017's top baby names

Henry, Evelyn, Nora take main spots

MADISON, Wis. - Henry, Theodore, William and Evelyn take first place for most popular baby names for local families who gave birth at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital, officials announced Wednesday.

Henry, Theodore and William are tied for the top boy names in 2017, and Evelyn takes first for girl names. Henry and Evelyn are both up from 2016 from second place.

Up to this point, more than 3,025 babies have been born at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital in 2017.

Other top boy names include Liam (second place), Jackson, Oliver and Owen (tied for third place),  Levi and Leo (tied for fourth place) and Logan and Joseph (tied for fifth place). Other top girl names include Charlotte (second place), Emma and Olivia (tied for third place), Lillian (fourth place) and Josephine, Everly, Eleanor, Ella and Nora (tied for fifth place).

Top names at the UnityPoint Health - Meriter birthing center are Nora/Norah for girls and Henry for boys.

Other top girl names at UnityPoint Health - Meriter include Olivia, Charlotte, Isabelle/Isabel, Evelynn/Evelyn, Elizabeth, Madeline/Madilynn, Adelynn/Adeline, Lilian and Emma. Other top boy names include Jackson/Jaxon/Jack, Theodore, Oliver, Charles/Charlie, Mason, Logan, Max/Maxwell, Owen, Noah and James.

So far, more than 3,700 babies have been born at Meriter this year.

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