Local venues talk security after Britain attack

Local venues talk security after...

MADISON, Wis. - Security at local venues is top-of-mind for many Madison officials after an overseas attack at Manchester Stadium killed 22 and injured dozens of others.

Volunteers are spending the week setting up for Bratfest at Willow Island on Memorial Day Weekend."

It's a scary thought in a public venue like that, where young people are enjoying music,” organizer Tim Metcalfe said of the Britain attack. “That's what Bratfest is all about."

Metcalfe said security will be set up at all three entrances, and Dane County deputies patrol the grounds all weekend.

"We're confident that we've got people on-site that are professionals that know what to look for,” Metcalfe said.

On the University of Wisconsin campus, UW police are constantly training for attacks and learning from them.

"We're always looking at different things that happen around the country, around the world, and  we use that and compare it against the plans we have in place,” spokesperson Marc Lovicott said.

UWPD is even holding a training this week on campus, something the department does at least every other month.

At events like graduation inside Camp Randall or music concerts at the Kohl Center, security is both visible and undercover. Officers also ask the public to be on the lookout.

"If you see something, say something, and we're constantly preaching that at large events,” Lovicott said.

That saying goes for Bratfest this coming weekend, too.

"We hope we're safe,” Metcalfe said. “We can't prevent everything but Bratfest should be a safe place for everyone to go.”

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