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Early winter weather benefits some local businesses

Early winter weather benefits some local businesses

MADISON, Wis. - While the snow brings heavy traffic and cold nights it can also bring extra bucks to some local businesses.

Workers at outdoor store Fontana Sports in downtown Madison are saying ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.'

"People definitely get really excited as soon as there is cold or there's snow we get calls that say, ‘Hey are you renting skis? Do you have snow shoes yet?' So there's a lot of enthusiasm," Manager Adam Remus said.

"You need to bust out the scarves, the mittens, the hats, got to get all bundled up and cozy to enjoy the weather," said Kelsey Moses, a shopper at Fontana Sports.

Remus gets why some people don't share his enthusiasm for the season.

"You know it's dark at 4 o'clock and it's cold," Remus said.

But he said an easy outdoor activity, like snowshoeing, can help anyone have fun in the snow.

"If you like to hike or walk you can get a pair of snowshoes and go anywhere," Remus said. "You can go to the park, go across the lake. It's the simplest, easiest way to get outside and enjoy winter."

Fontana Sports is far from the only store gearing up for the winter. Starting Thursday, Tyrol Basin in Mount Horeb is creating tons of man-made snow to cover its ski hills. They will officials open for the season on Sunday.

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