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Candles for Christine

A mother keeps the search for her daughter going

DEERFIELD, Wis. - It's been four and half years since Anita Walters saw her daughter. Friday night, she was hoping lighting a few candles might spark her own spirit once again.

"I hope it's just a stepping stone, a pathway forward to not forget, never forget," Anita explained. "But to put all of the sadness and grief aside for a while, and do something with my life now instead of always, you know, sitting at home feeling bad, you know, just get out and do something positive now."

Christine Walters was 23 years old when she ventured out west. She started visiting a friend in Oregon, but was in California when she disappeared.

Anita said the family has hired multiple investigators to check out the case, but neither they nor police could figure out exactly what happened.

About 100 people were at the vigil in Deerfield to support Anita and her family and offer up prayers to find Christine.

VIDEO: Candles for Christine

"You could be doing dishes, you could be making a new recipe, and there she is," Anita said. "You can't stop the thoughts from entering, you just cannot. It's just a matter of learning how to shove them out and keep from breaking down."

Anita said her hope was renewed when three women in Ohio were found after 10 years of being held captive.

Anita said stopping the search is not an option, especially when she thinks about the words she would have to share with her daughter if she ever sees her again.

"I could never look at her and say, honey, you know, I didn't have any hope. I want to say we searched for you until we found an answer, until someone saw your picture and knew where you were," Anita said.

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