Let's Eat Out brings local food carts together

Program provides weekly dinners

MADISON, Wis. - Let's Eat Out! food carts are hitting the streets and bringing tasty fare to neighborhoods in and around Madison.

The program started in August 2012 with five carts vending one night a week in the Atwood neighborhood. According to a release, this year there will be eight different locations for the food carts.

Let's Eat Out! originally started as a need to find new vending locations to survive financially during the winter.

The food carts will be setting up June 4 to Aug. 9, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Mondays-Thursdays.

Dinner locations are:

Holy Cross Church (734 Holy Cross Way)
Reynolds Park (Next to playground)

Elvehjem Elementary (5106 Academy Rd)
Midvale Blvd. (400 Block Green Space)

East Pass (7353 East Pass. Country Grove Park)
Atwood (Jackson St. Plaza by Chocolate Shoppe)
Shorewood Hills (Heiden Haus)
McFarland (Specific locations change, so check Facebook for updates.)

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