LaFollette High School adds cameras, considering additional police officer following safety concerns

Email sent to parents outlines changes

MADISON, Wis. - Officials with the Madison Metropolitan School District confirm they've installed new cameras and are looking to add an additional educational resource officer at La Follette High School following recent safety incidents in the school. 

In an email sent to families Friday, Principal Sean Storch outlined feedback from parents and next steps the school would take to address violence and threats within the school.



Police say they investigated threats Feb. 15 that ultimately led them to bring additional officers to the Madison East and Madison La Follette basketball game.  

The district then confirmed this week that a student brought a .22-caliber handgun to school on Feb. 21. 

Storch said in the email that new camera systems were installed on Feb. 8th and they are "increasing visibility of adults at key entry points and areas throughout the school."  He says school officials are also increasing supervision and security at sporting events held within the school. 

The district is also considering adding a second educational resource officer (ERO) at La Follette this year, according to the email.  Storch says they are working to "review and revise our emergency procedures" and are planning to publish those publicly by Feb. 28.  

"By April 2nd we will determine if we should institute a closed campus for 9th and 10th graders to limit use of multiple entry points and exits and reduce the number of incidents," Storch says in the email. 

La Follette officials and MMSD Superintendent Jen Cheatham met this week with parents to listen to concerns about school safety.  Storch says a full transcription of that meeting is in progress and they plan to post that publicly and hold an additional meeting. 

"Our families want us to hold kids accountable and never give up on kids. All of our lancers, our lancers at La Follette High School, we care for all of them, and we're going to figure out ways to make sure our school is safe and welcoming, inclusive for all," Storch said in an interview with News 3.  

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