Hot car hacks: Tips and tricks to 'beep' the heat behind the wheel

Hot car hacks: Tips and tricks to 'beep' the heat behind the wheel

Our meteorologists are predicting alert days every day next week. To help prepare for the heat wave, here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your car as cool as possible:

1. Before getting in the car and starting it, open the door and fan it about a dozen times. Research says that by doing this, your internal car temperature will cool by 3.6 degrees every minute for 10 minutes. For some cars, doing this and blasting the air conditioning will help cool your car faster. 

2. Bring a chilled water bottle into the car with you. You can wrap the bottle in a towel and place it horizontally behind your neck. As you drive, the water will help keep you cool. When you're cooled off enough, you now have a water bottle for the road. 

3. When your car has been sitting in the heat all day, your steering wheel can oftentimes be too hot to touch. To avoid this, next time you know you're getting out of your car and you know it will be sitting in the sun for a while, turn the steering wheel upside down while parked. When you come back to the car, turn the steering wheel right side up. This way, while you were gone, the steering wheel will be cool around the parts your hands touch so you can hit the roads sooner. 

4. The gear shift can also get hot. To avoid this, put a koozie or towel over the gear shift to keep it cool. 

Other standard practices include placing a towel over your seat to prevent  it from getting to hot, using a windshield reflector to block out the sun and cracking your windows a couple of inches to allow heat to escape the car. 

Stay cool this summer!

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