Is 'Wisconsin' the most misspelled word in our state?

A map created by Google has caused some confusion about search engine data about which words in each state are most frequently searched for spellings.

According to the map, while Texas and Missouri struggle with "maintenance," and West Virginia and Connecticut need help with the word made famous by "Mary Poppins" -- "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" -- Google's map said our state's recurring search was a little closer to home.

The map of America -- tweeted Tuesday by @GoogleTrends -- indicated the top searched word in 2017 in Wisconsin with "how to spell" was the name of the state: Wisconsin. Later, some reports indicated that there was a mistake in the map, and Wisconsin should have had "tomorrow" listed as its trouble word. 

WTMJ-TV reported Wednesday morning that the map had an error, and Wisconsin's word should have been "tomorrow," which it shares with Arizona and Colorado. WTMJ said it's waiting to hear what caused Tuesday's map error, but it could have been a labeling error: failure to change the name of the state to the word. However, USA Today reported that a Google update about the data found that "Wisconsin" is correctly the state's word on the map.  

Before Wisconsin's most-Googled word came into question, Google had already adjusted its "America's Most Misspelled Words" map. The map was tweeted three times, twice in order to make corrections to the color legend, which notes how many letters were in the top words. (Most are six to 10 letters.)

Google said it made the map in honor of 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Week.


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