Fundraising underway to send daughter of 23-year-old woman killed in Wisconsin Dells to Ukraine

Fundraising underway to send daughter of 23-year-old woman killed in Wisconsin Dells to Ukraine
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Fundraising underway to send daughter of 23-year-old woman killed in Wisconsin Dells to Ukraine

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. - Still shocked by the murder of their friend Tetiana Huzhva, people who worked with her at Goody Goody Gum Drops in downtown Wisconsin Dells are trying to raise enough money for her 2-year-old daughter to be taken to live with family in Ukraine. 

Huzhva moved to the Dells at age 19 on a J1 visa from Ukraine. 

She didn't know anyone, so her co-workers became her family. 

On Thursday, police found her body in a home on Washington Avenue and arrested her husband, Fuad Pashayev, as the suspect in her murder. 

"I still haven’t come to grips with it, it just seems so unreal," said her past co-worker Linda Johnson. 

Her friends wish they could've done something to prevent this, especially when they noticed she wasn't herself and quit her job at Goody Goody Gum Drops last summer. 

"One of the girls had gone to her and asked her if she needed help, you know (to tell her) that she was there for her and any of us would step in and do what we could do. But she said 'It’s OK.' She just, she was going to handle it on her own," said Johnson.

We now know Huzhva had gone to police before in fear of her life. Pashayev is facing 11 domestic violence charges from January, including strangulation, battery and false imprisonment.

"I knew he hit her and he choked her and she was scared, but she didn’t know what to do too at the same time," said Huzhva's close friend and co-worker Asli Hizlu. "It just  makes me feel guilty. Maybe we could’ve helped her more, maybe we should’ve pushed her more. You just don’t see it because you don’t know, she tells you a little bit but she can’t tell you everything." 

With Huzhva dead and Pashayev in custody, their daughter Sabina has no family to take care of her. 

Hizlu said when she went to the crime scene the night Huzhva's body was found, police told her Sabina was safe. 

She is assuming the girl is in foster care, but since she is not family she has not been able to see her. 

"She shouldn’t be growing up with somebody who is a stranger she doesn’t know. She should be with her grandma and her mom’s family," said Hizlu.  

A GoFundMe is collecting money to help Huzhva's parents come from Ukraine to take their granddaughter and their daughter's body back. 

Hizlu admits it won't be easy for them to get a visa to come to America, but the friends want to do everything they can to get the little girl back with family.

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