Jury deliberates in Quintez Cephus trial following testimony of 'consensual threesome'

MADISON, Wis. - A jury will now decide the fate of former UW Badger football player Quintez Cephus, after closing arguments were made Friday afternoon. 

Prosecutors continued to make the case in Dane County Court Friday that two women were victims of sexual assault, and had nothing to gain by making up claims of rape. 

Defense attorneys claimed the stories were inconsistent and that the victims consented to sex with Cephus with words and actions throughout the night. 

The closing arguments follow Cephus telling a jury Friday that he had a "consensual threesome" with the two women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them. 

Cephus has been on trial all this week, with both women testifying that they were intoxicated and did not consent to having sex with Cephus in April of 2018.

Cephus took the stand Friday morning, telling the court that one of the victims told him "she wanted to go to my apartment to have a sleepover." 



He said one of the women was dancing with him and trying to kiss him at a local bar, and when the two women came to his apartment, one went to his room and took all her clothes off. 

Cephus said the second woman followed him in and "they never said 'stop.'"



Both of Cephus' accusers have said that they don't remember meeting Cephus at a Madison bar or details of the alleged assault. One of the victims described waking up and being confused as to why she was naked or how she and the other woman got into Cephus’ apartment.

On Thursday, UW football player Danny Davis testified in court, admitting to taking photos of the two women who say Cephus sexually assaulted them.  

Davis and Cephus are former teammates.

During his testimony, Davis called his actions a “big mistake".



Cephus said in court Friday that he asked Davis to come into the room because he was excited that he just had a "consensual threesome" and said the photo is "the reason I am here today." 

Davis also testified that he didn't think the women were that intoxicated or that Cephus had raped the women.

The prosecution is trying to prove the women were too drunk to consent to a sexual relationship.

News 3 Now has a reporter in court and will update this story throughout the day.


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