Former Badger basketball stars argue over 'white culture' on Twitter

MADISON, Wis. - Two of the most famous former Wisconsin Badgers took to Twitter to fight over cultural perspectives. 

Bronson Koenig was trending on the social media site Tuesday night as he tweeted out an article titled,

“White people have no culture,” adding, “sad but true."

The tweet was liked nearly a hundred times and received responses both for and against. It also prompted a response from his former teammate, Sam Dekker.

“Don’t put it in my face that being a white guy is something I’m supposed to be ashamed of,” Dekker said in his tweet. “I’m proud of who I am and so should you.”

Koenig didn’t respond to Dekker but did comment on others’ tweets regarding his post. 

What do you think? Join the conversation and tweet @WISCTV_News3 with what you think about the argument. 

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