Fitchburg to launch rideshare service

Fitchburg to launch rideshare service

FITCHBURG, Wis. - The city of Fitchburg is launching a new rideshare service that will allow residents access to 24/7, on-call transport. 

The new service will start Dec. 1 and will be operated by Richwood Transport LLC, according to the city's website.

"Riders will have a choice to pay by credit card or with cash and can expect a vehicle to arrive at your desired pickup location within 20 minutes," the city's website states. "Fitchburg Ride Share will be operating 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, which make using the service convenient for anyone on any schedule-day or night."

The rideshare service will operate within the city's urban service area. Riders will be able call 608-504-2453 and press 6 to schedule a ride over the phone or can request a ride online at Richwood Transport's website.

Riders will be charged $2 to be picked up and dropped off at any bus stop within the city. Residents who wish to be dropped off or picked up at a custom location within the city will incur an additional $2 fee each way.

Seniors, people with disabilities and minors will only be charged $1 for a ride, according to the city's website. Any riders taking drivers outside the city's urban service area, except to the Madison Metro South Transfer Point on Park Street, will be charged $1.50 per mile.

"It will be using personal vehicles and drivers will go through a rigorous training program," Matthew Jones, city project consultant, said. "The ability for this rideshare provider to answer calls and use cash payment really set it apart from a Lyft or an Uber."

City officials hope to use the system as a base for its own transit system. 

"The hope is to gain a base of riders to later implement a full service, more recognizable city bus," Jones said. 

Jones said the service will be wheelchair accessible.

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