Farmer shares concerns over impact of rainy weather

Farmer shares concerns over impact of rainy weather

COLUMBUS, Wis. - For farmers like Ron Minick, patience is a necessity. 

"It takes patience to grow a good crop," Minick said. 

Minick is waiting for some sunshine. After a bout of rainy days in south central Wisconsin, the excess rain is delaying farmers' ability to plant. 

"We're usually pretty well wrapped up with corn planting by now," Minick said. 

Minick's farm near Columbus has gotten 4 to 5 inches of rain in the last few weeks. So instead of sprouts, he has ponds.

"If we could get a couple days of sunshine, a little bit of wind, we could be back at it, you know, pretty fast," Minick said. 

According to the USDA, corn planting is only 30 percent complete across the state, three days behind last year and six days behind the average. 

"Well they say you lose a bushel or two of corn every day after the 10th of May," Minick said. 

With 45 years of experience farming, Minick isn't panicked. He's just waiting. 

"You can't outguess the weather, so you just have to be patient."

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