Family seeks answers after pet dog shot in snout

Family says Sadie is doing well

TOWN OF SPRING VALLEY, Wis. - A family dog was recovering Tuesday after its owners said someone shot it in the snout.

According to a report from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, Andrea Paffel called authorities Monday afternoon after she found her 7-year-old German shorthaired pointer, Sadie, with a gunshot wound on her snout. (Warning: A graphic image of the injury is posted below).

"We are deeply saddened by the senseless violence taken against a member of our family," the Paffel/Pratt Family said in a statement to News 3. "We are grateful to have Sadie still with us and can just pray that the person who did this comes forward and gets the help that they need, so no other pets have to go through what Sadie has endured. We appreciate the outpour of well wishes and support from the surrounding communities."

Paffel told a sheriff’s deputy she came home Monday and found Sadie hiding under a car in the driveway with what looked like a gunshot wound to her face, the report said.

“Sadie had a large visible injury on the right side of her nose and face which appeared consistent with a gunshot wound,” the report stated.

 According to the report, Paffel said she took Sadie to a veterinarian in Evansville who told her to keep the area moist but said there was nothing else that could be done because of the size of the injury.

Paffel told the deputy she lives on about 80 acres along West Steussy Road and lets Sadie and her two other dogs out during the day. She estimates the dog’s injury happened sometime between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday, according to the report.

Ray Paffel told deputies people sometimes hunt the adjoining properties, the report said. He said he was gone during the day but saw a dark-colored pickup truck leaving the driveway, heading northbound on Risum Road but did not have any more information about it, according to the report.

The responding deputy said he went to a property on South Risum Road and talked to the man, Ty Powell, who lived there. 

“Ty advised he was gone during the day but does lease the hunting rights to the property around the Paffels,” the report stated. “Ty advised while it was possible there may have been somebody hunting, he was unaware of anyone who would have been there, advising the property is usually only hunted on the weekends.”

According to the report, Powell said he would contact the sheriff’s office if he learned any more information.

The sheriff’s office said there was insufficient evidence to establish a crime, and at the time of the report, “it is unknown who is responsible for the injury to Sadie.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 608-757-8000.

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