Elementary students help momma duck and her babies

Crow tries to attack ducks

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Students at Washington Elementary School in Janesville were able to rescue a mother duck and her 11 ducklings from an attacking crow Thursday morning.

According to a Facebook post, the kids saw the crow attacking the duck and ran to staff members who were outside to ask for help.

"Me and my brother and his friend were over on the playground. His friend was out in the field, so then he said, 'There's a crow attacking this duck,'" said third-grader Ona Moronez. "Then we came running over here, and we scared the crow away."

A crossing guard kept the duck family safe until the Janesville Police Department arrived at the school.

"I felt really good for helping them," said fifth-grader Hannah DeLong, who helped keep the ducks calm.

According to the post, they were able to get all of the 11 ducklings into a tall container. The mother can fly but has an injured leg.

"If I was a duck, I would be scared and frightened, so I felt like, 'Oh, I should help and make sure they're not hurt,'" said fourth-grader Gavin Meier.

Police said the ducklings were taken to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Lake Geneva. Staff from the wildlife hospital tried to catch the mother duck Thursday afternoon but were unable to. They plan to come back Friday to try to reunite the duck family and get the mom medical care.

"I love animals, personally," said Ona. "I don't like seeing them get hurt."

At school, the students have been learning about everyday heroes. By saving the ducks, the students were able to be heroes.

"I feel happy," Gavin said. "I felt like I was helpful, and I feel like I wasn't just standing and not doing anything."

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