Police: Student arrested for bringing BB gun to Toki Middle School

MADISON, Wis. - A Toki Middle School student was taken to the Juvenile Reception Center for bringing a BB gun to school Tuesday, according to a release from the Madison Police Department. 

Officials said school staff members received a tip around 8:30 a.m. that the 13-year-old boy potentially had a weapon. Following the tip, officials checked his backpack and discovered the BB gun. 

The student is facing tentative charges of possession of  a dangerous weapon on school grounds. 

In a letter to parents obtained by News 3, Toki Principal Nicole Schaefer said after they received the tip, officials immediately called police. 

"Nearly all of our students were unaware of the incident and had no disruption to their
learning, however, I wanted to communicate with you in case you do hear about it," Schaefer said in the letter. "I recognize that an incident like this can cause anxiety, and please reach out to our staff
if you believe your student is in need of any additional support."

Schaefer said that the school and the MPD are following up on the incident. 

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