East Madison Little League board worries they could lose their field after Oscar Mayer closing

MADISON, Wis - UPDATE: On Tuesday, Reich Brothers has contacted the East Madison Little League president to let the organization know they can continue using the field. 

The East Madison Little League president said the non-profit is in a waiting phase, hoping they can keep the park they've been in since 1994. 

The location on North Street on the east side of Madison was owned by Oscar Mayer. When Reich Brothers Inc. bought the plant, they also acquired the park. 

Reich Brothers Inc. plans to reutilize the former Oscar Mayer building, redevelop the site and sell it to an interested party.

"Until we really get word whoever's buying the property, we don't really know what our status really is," said Tad Turek, the East Madison Little League president. 



He said the board has met with the company, but hasn't heard back. 

"The plan is to let the Little League continue doing what they're doing," said Alex Reich, co-director of Business Development & Acquisitions at Reich Brothers Inc., in a phone interview with News 3.

Reich said they do not plan to sell or build on the land, and if they did charge rent to the Little League, it would be $1 a year.

"We want to be a good neighbor and we're very cognizant of how sensitive the site is ... we're trying to do something good here, we're not trying to make money off of Little League," said Reich. 


But Turek is worried that the company who buys the plant from Reich Brothers will want to do something with the land. 


The East Madison Little League has been at that location since 1994, when Oscar Mayer gave them the land. 


"There's a contract and an agreement that we can stay here, with the stipulations that if they were to sell or move or leave, whoever takes over has to give us notification and notice and they have to reimburse us for assets and buildings and things that we've added to the property," said Turek. 


He was happy to hear Reich Brothers might allow them to stay, but wants to hear confirmation directly from the company. 


"I'd be happy to have them come to the ball park and do a ribbon-cutting ceremony. (We can) put their name up on the sign instead of Oscar Mayer. I'm happy to do that as well," said Turek.

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