Dumpster-diving raccoon gets head stuck in jar, rescued by Animal Service Officers

MADISON, Wis. - A little raccoon was rescued by Madison Animal Service officers Wednesday after concerned residents alerted a passing police officer that the animal was stuck in a tree with a jar on its head, police said.

According to a news release, a Madison police officer was passing through the 4100 block of Sycamore Ave when he was alerted by a group of residents who brought the officer to a nearby tree, where the officer saw a glass jar roughly 20 feet up. Upon further inspection, the officer realized the jar was attached to the head of a fuzzy little creature.

The officer called Animal Service officers to assist with the rescue. They were not able to reach the raccoon with a catch pole, but one did manage to get the raccoon to begin climbing down on its own. It fell partway down, but landed unharmed.

One Animal Service officer was able to then remove the jar from the raccoon's head, and it ran into the woods.

The police officer who responded wrote in his report, "A free head and a second chance at life!"

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