Dryer erupts in fire

One man injured

A man was repairing a clothes dryer Sunday when it "erupted in fire," officials said in a release.

The fire ignited while the west side Madison man was attempting to apply an aerosol lubricant to a squeaky belt inside the clothes dryer, the release said. 

He did not have a tube to attach to the aerosol can to put under the dryer, so he laid on the ground and sprayed into the lower mechanical area. This is when the the dryer erupted in flames, the release said.

By the time the family called 911, the fire was out.

One of the other people home at the time grabbed the aerosol can and took it outside. Paramedics evaluated the man's injuries and a family member took him the emergency room for additional care.

Fire department personnel arrived and disconnected the dryer from its electrical source and the family was told not to use it again. There was no damage beyond scorching in the dryer.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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