Didion rebuilds after explosion

New website launches at Cambria mill

CAMBRIA, Wis. - Didion, a family-owned agricultural processing business, is starting up again after an explosion in May 2017 that killed five workers and injured 12.

"We're excited about coming back into the marketplace," Riley Didion, president of Didion, said in a release.

Demolition of the plant started in July 2017. Parts of Didion reopened following the explosion in August.

The company launched a new website Wednesday devoted to customer service and job candidates. According to the release, the website illustrates that Didion doesn't just focus on corn processing. 

The release said Didion is dedicated to its relationships with farmers, customers, the community and employees.

"Our new website is just one of many ways we show the world that we're more than corn," Didion said. "We're about challenging the industry norm and taking care of our people."

The website provides easy access to social media, corn industry insights and job information. Job candidates can learn more about latest benefit information.

"We want our customers and all of our company's stakeholders to know we value them, and that our focus on developing personal relationships is a key differentiator," Jeff Dillon, vice president of sales, said.

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