Dem. candidate for governor offers plan to sue state over Foxconn deal

MADISON, Wis. - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn is trying his hardest to make sure electronics company Foxconn does not come to southeast Wisconsin.

Foxconn is slated to bring more than 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin, and the state signed a contract with the state's job creation agency to subsidize that work.

Flynn, the former director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, said in a press conference Wednesday that the Foxconn deal itself is unconstitutional.

"I'm going to file suit to stop it based on the fact it's an illegal contract ... an unconstitutional contract," Flynn said during the conference.

Flynn is one of 10 Democratic candidates running for governor, and said at his press conference he doesn't believe other candidates are taking a strong enough stance against Foxconn.

Currently, there are ten Democratic candidates for governor, and so far, straw polls have not had Flynn as a frontrunner.

Flynn's plan was met with skepticism from members of the Madison community.

"In terms of what I see happening right now with Foxconn, the notion of stopping whatever is in the works, it would take a lot of counterforce to negate the momentum that's already out there," Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, said


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