DeForest, Windsor residents see brunt of severe weather Monday evening

Monday storms leave damage in...

Monday evening's storm brought a lot of hail to cities just east of Madison. DeForest and Windsor took the brunt of the severe activity, and residents were surprised to see it.

DeForest resident Susan Hill said she was sitting on her couch when the storm began around 4:15 p.m. 

"I heard it started to rain and the sound just got louder and louder and louder," Hill said.

When she walked out on her front porch to see what was going on, quarter- to golf ball-sized hail had spread across her front lawn.

"The sidewalk was covered as if it was snow. It was just white," Hill said.

She saved some of the larger pieces in her freezer that she said a next door neighbor grabbed when the storm stopped.

Residents in Windsor, just about a mile down the road, also saw heavy hail. Jill Barber collected a few pieces of her own.

"It sounded like softballs hitting the house. I was actually a little bit afraid that one was going to come through, but then I went and stood on my porch and tried to collect them," Barber said.

She works as a storm spotter for the National Weather Service and is always excited when large weather events hit. She said there was one hail storm six years ago, though, that was not as exciting.

"We had about four and a half minutes of golf ball-sized hail in 2011, and we had to get a new roof and new siding. We'll have to get our roof checked out on this one too, just to make sure," Barber said.

After going through that experience, Barber suggests to others who experience damage to measure the size of the hail to show the roofers.

Thankfully, there was little to no damage after Monday evening's storm rolled through.

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