Decorated bras raise money for 3D mammography machine in Mauston

Health care facility looking to raise money for 3-D mammography machine
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Health care facility looking to raise money for 3-D mammography machine

MAUSTON, Wis. - Mile Bluff Medical Center is raising money for a new 3D mammography machine by hosting Bras for a Cause, where people can vote on decorated bras. 

"It's kind of unusual to have a bunch of decorated bras hanging in the lobby of a hospital," Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation Executive Director Martha Airth-Kindree said.

There are over 40 bras hanging in the window of the lobby of the hospital, each with a unique design. 

"We have the need for a 3D mammo here," Airth-Kindree said. "People have to drive to, well, long distances in order to get some 3D mammography done."

Airth-Kindree said the machine costs about $465,000. 

"The difference is the X-ray arm does a sweep over the breast tissue, which provides additional images than the 2D mammography," Medical Imaging Director Chelsea Cook said. "The radiologist is able to get slices to look at the layers of the breast and to get a better look at the breast as a whole."

Bras for a Cause is also intended to raise awareness of the importance of regular exams. 

"Statistics show that one-third of women don't come in routinely for mammograms and the best line of defense is early detection," Cook said.

Each vote is a dollar toward the fundraiser. The winners will be decided Oct. 3 at Women's Night Out. 

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